Domaine La Croix Trechens, Beaujolais

La Croix Tréchens is a family estate of 16 hectares located in Beaujolais. My vines are cultivated in the respect of the soil, the environment and the plant.



All my family is from the area of Beaujolais since the beginning of XIX century and we are attached to this region.

It was during the French Revolution in 1789, when the firsts GAYOT have been identified. But it’s in 1818, that our surname settled in the Beaujolais, in Limas. It was my grandfather, Pascal Fernand, who started buying vines and estates. Of these eight children, two became winemakers, including my father, Paul Gayot.

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The estate

The estate of la Croix Tréchens has been a family business since 1967, located in Beaujolais, in the south east of Villefranche-sur-Saône on the hillside of Anse, Lachassagne, and Pommiers.

We are located in the crest road, which overlooks the Saône Valley. This one offers a wonderful panorama for admiring the imposing Alps chain, more particularly on the Mont‑Blanc.

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Vineyards are grown in the respect of the terroir, the environment and the plant. The estate has favored a non-interventionist growing, in a sustainable method, with grassy vineyards to limit vigor and erosion.

Yields are low but grapes are of high quality. We intervene as little as possible to let the vine stimulate their natural defenses.

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Our wines

Since its creation, the estate has known passionate generations for wine-growing, this why today, we are lucky to find vineyards aged from15 to 40 years old.

During our childhood, with my 2 brothers Hubert and Gilles and my sister Alexia, we used to play in the vineyards that surrounded our house, because it was a garden without limits. That’s why today, in memory of that time, I named our cuvées “The Children’s Garden”.